Dream of celebrity, spider woman and Death


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I dreamed that I was in a relationship with a star that I really like. But he disappeared at any moment ... I looked for him everywhere, very sad, but I did not find him. I asked people who lived in the neighborhood. They were repeating rumors that said he was gone because he was unhappy. But I did not know unhappy for what reason but he was drinking alcohol.

In this district, at the edge of the water and the grass, there were free horses etc. I ran into a man I know, who is crazy, who was talking about death, etc. I saw - I don't know how - that my ex (the celebrity) had locked him in a room (still by the water and the grass) with wild animals to kill him, therefore voluntarily. I see that the mad man is starting to get hit with a horse's hoof etc so, shocked, I leave quickly. I walk in the neighborhood ...

At night I see Death, very tall, threatening, passing through the neighborhood ... Everything was dark and there were fewer people. I go elsewhere.

A little later I learn that my ex from the dream is dead. I feel very bad...

Then I am in a room opposite a bed with nothing on the walls and not even a sheet. A young woman arrives who is about my age and is very thin, black hair dark eyes. She reminds me of me when I was a teenager. She lies down on a bed and undresses. I put myself next to it. I see she doesn't have a vagina. I ask him why. She makes me understand (or tells me) that she is a spider woman. I take her in my arms. Suddenly being gentle with her gave her a vagina. I think that's good news, a sign that she will be able to live normally now, so I go back down to the neighborhood.

I occupy myself a little and I wait for the young woman. I go for a walk etc. And there people tell me that she is dead. There I tell myself that it is because of me because she has changed her nature when she should not have and should have remained a spider.
I am sad and I wake up.