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Hi I am hoping someone can help me with a dream I had last night, I entered a forest when I was met with a man, he was crying he lost his child, I promised to help him find her, I was sure I would, then I noticed a body in the water floating, he was devistated, and I hated myself for not finding her alive to help him.

Then there was loads of kids that turned up wearing Victorian clothes, they were at war with each other, toddlers and older kids, they battled all the way up a mountain hill, then they all started to fall, it was like a shower of falling children, I tried to catch them to save them, but as I did I noticed they were already dead in the air.

It was dreadful, there bodies were hitting the floor one by one. Iknow in my waking life I try to help people, I enjoy helping others, and never put myself first, could this be related somehow? Like unable to save people who cnt be saved, yet they were Victorian children,. I have been on a spiritual awakening path, and studying shamanism, so I’m thinking it’s connected to my subconscious somehow. I try so hard in waking life to connect meditate to find missing persons, especially when I hear a child has gone missing, like the little 2 yr old boy in France, and I want to desperately help, could this mean that things happen for a reason at gods will, I do give myself a hard time over any disappearances and get myself emotionally involved, putting so much of my energy into helping others, is this a sign for me to stop doing this? Thanks


Helping someone means that you are making efforts to combine your skills and energies to achieve a mutual goal. You have confidence in you skills, but even though you do find the girl you perceive it as a failure because she turns up dead.

I take it that you perceived your dream self to be still in your regular timeline, so naturally those Victorian kids would seem a bit out of place. This may hint at something that lies in a distant past or is otherwise out of your reach. The battle may indicate that you are struggling to juggle all the different roles, duties, expectations, etc. that are allotted to you (by yourself or others) and are generally overworked. Are you acknowledging your personal problems? Are you genuinely trying to resolve the issues in your waking life? You may be overwhelmed with internal or external conflicts or turmoil and feel a lack of control or support in your waking life. This is indicated by the falling children. Trying to catch them indicates your attempts to regain that control, but it's too late as the kids are already dead. This again my hint at something you failed to address in the past that's come to bite you now.
This may also tell you to take a step back and re-evaluate your groundwork. You can only reach up high (top of the hill) if you build on a strong base. In that sense the kids could represent the foundation stones (values and beliefs) of that base. You have to analyse and choose them wisely or your base will crumble and tear down whatever is built on top of it.

I dare say dreams are always connected to the subconscious, regardless of whether or not you do spiritual work.
All spiritual work requires self-awareness and self-care. First you have to tackle your own issues, make sure you're well grounded and balanced. Cause how are you supposed to help others if you cannot even help yourself?
There's a lot of desperation emanating from your post, and desperation comes from a place of need. But manifestation/success does not happen in places of need, it happens in places of abundance. In other words, if you so desperately try to find someone, you may subconsciously block yourself and bring about your own failure. Additionally you may want to evaluate your definition of failure. Whenever you find a missing person, that is a success, regardless of whether they turn up alive or dead. You are not responsible for what happens to these people, so it is best to emotionally detach yourself from everything that is out of your control. However tragic a person's fate may be, don't make it your own tragedy.

Hope that helps 🙂


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It's important to remember that dream interpretations can vary widely and are subjective. Dreams often reflect our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but they can also be influenced by a variety of factors. With that in mind, here's a possible interpretation of your dream:

The forest in your dream could symbolize the unknown or a place of transformation. The man crying and looking for his lost child might represent a sense of helplessness or a desire to protect and rescue. This could relate to your natural inclination to help others, which is evident in both your dream and waking life. Your promise to help him find his child could reflect your genuine desire to assist those in need.

The appearance of Victorian-dressed children engaged in battle could symbolize a conflict or struggle within yourself or perhaps a sense of discord in the world around you. The idea of children at war could represent the vulnerability and innocence that can sometimes be lost in difficult situations.

The children falling and you trying to catch them, only to find they were already dead, might signify a feeling of being unable to protect or save everyone, despite your best efforts. This could be connected to your concern for missing persons and your deep emotional involvement in helping others. It's possible that your dream is highlighting the challenge of dealing with situations beyond your control, even though you're driven to make a positive impact.

In relation to your spiritual awakening and studies in shamanism, your dream could indeed be influenced by your subconscious thoughts and reflections on your path. It could be a reminder to find a balance between your desire to help others and taking care of yourself. It might also suggest that you consider focusing your energy on areas where you can make a meaningful impact without becoming emotionally overwhelmed.

Dreams can serve as mirrors to our inner thoughts and feelings, offering insights into our subconscious. However, they don't necessarily provide straightforward answers. If this dream is causing you distress or you find it difficult to process, consider discussing it with a therapist, counselor, or a trusted individual who can provide guidance and support.


Thank you so much for your replies, I had a tarot reading and one was the tower to keep a look out, I see the connection in my dream from this, grounding and the balance is very important, I realised I was losing control at one point, and was not grounding myself, taking on more than I could handle, which explains the falling children you mentioned, I have taken a step back and stopped putting my energy into things that I shouldn’t the things out of my control, and focusing more on my own well-being. Last night I dreamed about a humming bird and a lighthouse, i think there is a resemblance here keep a look out and listen, so I am being very sharp and cautious at the moment, my dream is definitely trying to warn me about something.
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