Dream Recall

Fan Dee

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Have always been fascinated by dreams & their interpretations, I often feel that I do 'live another life' in my dreams.

Anyway, 3 days ago I took a 7 hour bus ride to another Province, & had a very strange experience - well in fact, it occurred around 5 or 6 times.

Simply put, I saw many things which I had seen in a dream over the last few years. Nothing remarkable, just a house, a building, a stretch of road. But it quite shocked me as I have only ever experienced this a little.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

Does anyone have any insight as to why I had so many at one time?


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I think I had an experience like that on a walking trail where I live. I thought for a second that I'd somehow seen the future but then I thought of a more rational idea which was maybe i saw something similar walking somewhere else. I can't remember exactly what it was but part of me still wants to believe I saw something in my dreams ahead of seeing it IRL. Other times I've had this happen at work but I think that's just a feedback loop of being at the same place so often, except this one time where I imagined sitting in this area between cubicles with boxes arranged in an exact way which i saw the same week at a new job I went in for so I'm still not sure about that one.