Dream stranger


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This was really odd, i had dreamt that i woke up in the bath and police were knocking on everyone's door so i fell back asleep and woke up in my ved as i had fallen asleep to get up and answer the door and they made everyone in my apartment leave without clothes on and so i went downstairs but instead of there being the lobby of my apartment there was a bookstore and a person with blue and purple or maybe green streaks in there hair was there they were taller than me and they were strangely warm was they and they like cuddled with me and kept playing strange music i haven't heard before

I woke up for real in my bed and i had only been sleeping two hours but i have this profound sense i have to find this person, maybe they're having a dream about me or maybe I've already met them who knows

I have a strong feeling i have to speak to them, if you match the description of this person or know someone who does or perhaps if you've had similar dreams feel free to respond