Dreaming of Dad


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My Dad died 8 years ago from cancer, he was diagnosed and passed away within months. I had a great relationship with him, there were no regrets or anything left unsaid when he passed. For the last month and a half I have been dreaming that he is alive but missing or he ran away. I have this dream at least once a week and sometimes I am dreaming that I am telling people about this dream. Any insight would be appreciated
a dream of "father" symbolizes the protecting circle around our lifes. So it should mean you are in loss of protection in some way. Your dad who fathered your physical life died of cancer, you says. Cancer has the structure that it grows within an organism without cooperation, and for us which inhabit this reflection, experience, it means a separation of consciousness on some level, here in your story it is deadly. A way of working with this dream, could be to work with your knowledge, understanding, memory, experience of your Dad, who died 8 years ago, and see if you can find the way he energetically, psycologically separated. That might help you to see what your dream is telling you bout and what you will do about it.