Dreamt about my dead brother I never met


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I am hoping someone can help me understand a dream I had last night and what it could possibly mean.

When I was 18 months old (43 years ago) my parents had a little baby boy who was born prematurely and sadly only lived for two weeks, so I of course never got to meet my brother. Last night I dreamt my mum told me she had found out my brother didn‘t pass away but had been kept in a hospital his whole life without anyone knowing, so I went along with my mum to visit him in the hospital and when I got there despite there being a few other young men in the ward I knew exactly which one was my brother and he looked happy and healthy and had a close resemblance to my sister who was born a year and a half after he passed away. In the dream I hugged my brother and held his hand and told him all about our family. It was such a lovely dream but all day I can’t get the young man in my dream out of my head and I feel very empty inside like I met and connected with my brother and miss him and it felt very real to me.
Does anyone know what this dream means? I just find it very strange to have dreamt about a brother I never met and now have a strong impression in my mind of how he looks now as a grown man of 43 considering he died at two weeks old.


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This caught my eye because I just had a similar dream about my brother that passed a few years ago. He was 45 I think. In my dream he had a twin that I never met, and our interaction was pleasant and peaceful. He was kinda like the opposite of my brother, like a peaceful version of him. His name was Matthew, which was my brother's middle name. Anyway, enough about me. I'm sorry that your dream left you feeling sad. I'd like to think it was a gift, and you did get to connect with him in another place. It's probably something that has always been in the back of your mind, that what if feeling. If I were you, I'd let it bring me joy. Perhaps he wanted you to know that he is happy and will always be with you. I guess that depends on what your beliefs are. Some may say it was your subconscious trying to make sense of a loss you can't explain. But I say, there was truth to it.
I agree with Sleepy Vic that there is a connection with your brother here---I would say a connection that speaks to a deeper and broader reality than the one we are usually aware of. You recognized your brother instantly and you talked about family. Despite his early loss to the other side, you two are family. I believe the, "dead," are just a veil away...very close. But, then, these are my beliefs. You obviously long for your brother, after all, you knew he was coming, and you lived with him in utero for nine months. He became a part of you and that doesn't go away.