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Bizarre Dream
about 4 am this morning
let me explain late night I was watching History Channel, the program called The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch one of the researchers was exposed to a microwave explosion or RF explosion
the researcher was giving a tour of this area, I had the same experience just this as the researcher was giving a tour of this area, he was the driver and I was the passenger, at the end of the tour, just like the program I ended up in a researcher's outpost, where I greeted by a researchers
The researchers helped me into the bay door, his face was covered that I may not see who he was, they greeted me with kindness
As I saw myself I was wearing a red jumpsuit, the researchers put a patch on me to give me entrance, as I walk with the researchers there were researchers that giving instructions, to other researchers, then I was around at a table separating clothing, I ask one of the researchers, that was helping me, were is the person the was giving me the tour that was exposed to a microwave explosion or RF explosion, they told me, they had to isolate him, just like in the Skinwalker Ranch, I when to see for myself about his welfare, I open partially from the cylinder to keep he for exposing others from I saw this man complete naked standing upright, his body was burned the exposed to a microwave explosion or RF explosion which he got from the Skinwalker Ranch, he ask me please can let me out, I said I can't I closed the cylinder, and when to the next room, were another man ask for his whereabouts, I told the man he is isolated for his safety, the man said to me, I'm going to let him out, I try to stop him, but to avail fought me, and open up the cylinder and for fear all of the researchers fled that they would me expose
As I fled as well, I looked back and saw an explosion the place was on fire and the researchers grew inside, he sowed the facility his entire body was in flames, and had a crown on his head the shape of a crescent moon on his head-bizarre dream