Driving through storm with my ex.


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So last night I had a dream that I was driving through a storm with my ex and he was in the passenger seat. We were driving on a Bad Country Road and I was delivering a package it was lightning and thundering real bad and the sky was Pitch Black as if a tornado was coming but I never saw one. I delivered the package and once we had left on our way back branches fell on the road and it sort of caved in to where we couldn't move forward he told me to back up and I did and I turned around and we found a different way to get out. We made it to a main road where the weather was pretty and clear but a good distance behind us we could still see the storm was clearing. We were then trying to find a way back to his house without going back through the storm and the GPS did give us a different route which we were going to take.

What could this mean?