Drugged/drunk in dreams or remember badly?


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Do I remember these dreams badly, wake up and start sleeping again so that it seems that I am drunk/drugged? I have not been drunk for many years in awakened life. These are some examples.

A metal festival. A normal place to be drunk. An artist tells me we met 10 years ago (not true, but another artist I met 10 years ago).

My old High School. I see some old friends I seldom see, they did not react to me nor did I talk to them. I could here that they and others were talking something. No place to be drunk.

A family party at a recurring and probably fictive mansion. Probably mostly unknown people there. No reason to be drunk. The dreams about the mansion are epic and scary. Note, this dream was long before the next example.

In awakening life I have had anti-anxiety drugs at the dentist. Before that I had some dreams that I drugged myself. In the dream it reminded much about how it was in reality.