Elevator To Floor 52

Dream From Aug 8 '19:
the location or setting is that of inside an elevator.
where this elecator is, in regards to a building, i have no idea.
i stepped into it, and pressed 52, for floor 52.
and i press that number, not giving it any thought.
another male is with me, (possibly Matt H)
apparently the elevator is see - through, because i look down at the floor, and can see it going up the shaft.
thats not alarming at all.
it travels fast, from ground floor to the floor i want to get out at.
thats rather incredible.
other people do get in the elevator and get out at the floor level they press for.
the elevator slows down enough, that people can get out, without the elevator not actually stopping.
then i get out at level 52.
oh, the lift is doorless.
well, i get out via the left side of the lift, which, as it turns out, is to my right.
i was standing with my back to the wall of this lift, but then again, which side, is the front?
as i get out, i climb over a wooden handrail of some steps.
well, apart from climbing over the handrail, i certainly got out, the incorrect side.
plus, there was a computer desk there as well.
and i see that my mate got out the other side, to join some other folks.
so, i quickly get back in, before the elevator takes off.
the lift goes down, and then back up, and i get back out, again at 52.
this time, i get out the other side.
again i have to climb over the handrail.
and then i can join those folks for a music course.
the female teacher apparently forgot about me being part of this group, but she is glad i'm there all the same.
yeah, great, good for her.
i have no idea who she is.
she does ask me, did i watch a show on telly, as prep for the class/subject.
and i have no idea what the show is either.
well no i haven't.
a few of the others haven't either.
well, i did try to watch the show, but couldn't because of time (too late at night or something like that).
then a piece of white a4 paper, is handed to me by her, or handed to me by one of the other folks.
she asks me about the treble cleft and what it does.
i speak my answer (whatever it is i say).
sometime after that the dream ends.

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