Empty void and healing hands

This dream happened the night before and concerns a woman I dont know well.

It was pitch black in an endless abyss like I was drifting in nothingness but I could feel my body. These womanly hands pressed against my belly immediately creating this healing blissful sensation on my skin wherever she touched me. She massaged my belly, sides and lower chest, spreading this healers sensation. Then she insisted on staring at me and her face appeared and I knew her from years ago and she was there watching and following. So I agreed to give her what she wanted, my undivided attention and stared back. She started crying and her tears hit my skin as she continued healing me. She cried because of the terrible things she did to the woman of my dreams, a real girl from long ago. She tortured her out of jealousy and was guilty so that it made her shudder with tears. And although we could never be and I would never take her she was compelled to incinerate this other woman that could never be. But she surprised me though because I thought she was evil and here she was healing me with this blissful touch like opiates. I told her that I couldnt love her. When I awoke I could feel the sensation on my skin around my sides and up to my chest.

I've had many dreams of the eternal void with a vast emptiness but here was my first one with someone real invading it. These dreams of her have happened many times these past few years and it boggles the mind because it actually seems like another consciousness there.


Are you lucid in those dreams?
I don't know how you feel about these things, but what if this was not a regular dream but an astral projection of sorts? In that case, meeting "another consciousness there" wouldn't be so unsurprising. Maybe she is trying to make amends in her real life, and this is her subconscious reaching out for you in her sleep.

If that doesn't resonate with you... It is often said that all the people in our dreams are just a personification of an aspect of ourselves. Maybe you are harbouring negative feelings for this woman that need to be "healed" before you can move on. Maybe it's you who feels guilty for not standing up for "the woman of your dreams", or for your inability to help and support her more.


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Dreams are in the 4th dimension, we can experienc eanything. This is yourself in the dream, or one you soul mates or teachers, You simply were being healed.