Encounter with a Curious Type of Galey


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As hurricane Roslyn approached the Mexican shores and possibly turning our way in that place, I was working with a crew inspecting a number of dikes that ran along the hill sides that steered the water flows to safe places. The area was not far from a fishing village where we were from, next to a beach front. As we reached the top of the hill, I felt a surge of self-awareness and suddenly became lucid. In the distance, on the other side of the hill, I see the rooftops and houses of many small dwellings in various shades of yellow, red, brown and blue. I was surprised by how brightly colored the scenery was. I looked down at what I was wearing: a blue polo shirt, pleated brown slacks and light blue skechers shoes. I rubbed my arms and chest to enhance the imagery and kept reminding myself that this was a dream in order to prolong the experience.

I asked a fellow worker if he knew the name of the place in the distance to which I pointed. He said, “That’s Oaxaca.” I don’t know why, but I mentioned to him that I would like to go there. He replied, “I can show you where there is a bus-stop.” The crew of five workers I was with all decided to see me off and offered some advice. They said, "There were a lot of thugs in that direction," and advised me to always keep my guard up. "If they see that you are alone, you will become a target." "And if that should happen, pick up a stick and wave it at them as a warning." "They usually get the message and leave you alone." Another crew member offered me bus fare. But rather than wait for the bus, I tried to see if I could fly by jumping into the air, but the apparent gravity of this place quickly brought me back down. I had discovered the same thing in other places of the dream world whenever there was too much fear and not enough fellow-feeling in the air. In these places I was earth bound. It followed upon what I naturally thought about. Something to think about and ways to escape when needed.

As we waited at the bus stop, I notice what looked like a small innocent looking light brown goat prancing up and down along the hill mounds in a park across the street from where we stood. But in place of horns, it had two spiraling shoots of hair and a patch hair fluff on the nape of the neck. I asked one the workers I was with, “What kind of animal is that?” He said it was called a "Galey." At that moment my physical body in bed turned to one side, causing me to wake from the dream.


(1) Galey or Gali: 'a hill, a mound, a spring, a fountain'. To my recollection, I had never before heard of this word before or seen this type of animal in artforms. It’s curious that the Galey prancing up and down along the hill mounds I saw also means 'a hill; a mound.’

(2) I have never been to Oaxaca, Mexico.

(3) Dream date: 10/23/2022

Symbol associations

A storm narrowly averted: we should always prepare for the worst

The dykes along the hill sides: attempting to avert waters that might take us under

Multicolored rooftops from Oaxaca: appreciation of higher aspects of simple people

Coming to a bus stop to the other side: there is a loss of individuality the further down we go

Unable to fly: entry to those regions can be perilous, even for winged souls

Catching sight of a Galey: its not far from primal ideas of paradise (park = paradise). I often take walks in a park called Montie Beach (=Mountain Beach)

My physical body in bed turned to one side: I was not allowed to see more, at least for now. Over the years, I have learned that body consciousness is different from mental consciousness and has rescued me, more than once, in dire situations. It raises questions about the nature of types of consciousness
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