Escaping a movie theater

I was in this huge building with at least two floors connected with a ballroom sort of staircase that curves like a half circle, short carpet, lots of red like a movie theater. So, I'm in there, right, and not a whole lot is making sense. Theres these hot young women running around and they were friendly but these ultra tall bodybuilder guys started ****ing with my head. I wanted to leave and couldnt get out. Now these guys were supposedly like family but they were being cruel to me and so I finally found a staricase again and ran up behind this particularly spiteful giant guy and pushed him hard and he went tumbling down through the crevice where the staircase parts with the walkway. I heard him hit and sort of go argh. I felt bad for a second but knew this guy was my enemy because he was against me so much or something. Note: remembering this dream makes no sense but inside the dream it was like totally making sense. So, I killed this bodybuilder guy but I wasnt scared of prison because I knew that I was leaving the theater any second now and would be getting away with it.

I didnt find his body and there wasnt an entrance down there but it was another floor identical to the last and I forgot that I pushed him to his death. And so theres these girls again and they are attractive and nice to me and they work there or something but I need to find my way out of the movie theater and they dont know how to help because they cant understand me so I leave wanting to stay with them but I was in a hurry. And so, theyre gone, and I find another staircase exactly like the last one! By now I had forgotten about the last staircase but suddenly it all came back to me and at the top of the steps I see the back of this bodybuilder guy and immediately I become enraged with passionate anger (like a toddler) because how cruel the last bodybuilder was so I attack him without hesitation and hit him in his back and over he goes but this time it sounded much worse when he hit and I realized he wasnt my enemy but he was someone I really cared about like he was my brother or uncle and this time I knew how guilty I was and felt this deep sorrow. I went down the stairs horrified at who I might find at the end of the staircase but woke up before I reached it with this horribly sad regretful feeling.