Escaping BaBa Yaga


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I had a dream the other night I was in a large field on a path that lead between two buildings across from each other. The path lead up to a hill and a parking lot where I told my boyfriend the car was waiting and I would meet up with him shortly, I just wanted to stop by one of the buildings quickly.

As I approached one of the buildings, it looked like a three story apartment/house. The door opened automatically as if waiting for me. I thought it was a cute antique store, but found it was more hoarder than antique. An old woman greeted me, but she was hunched over and dawned a severely misshapen face. Her head was twice as big as it normally would be, her nose enormous and her eyes small, almost like black beads. She invited me in, and as I passed through the home and knick knacks, she disappeared among the things and a cat had found me. This cat was also misshapen, almost neglected, and I tried to avoid it after hissing at me. There was a wooden staircase in the middle of the dining/living room, and the old woman was trying to convince me to come up to the second floor. But a bad feeling settled in that I should not go upstairs and while she was distracted I managed to slip away back into the hall entrance where the cat hissed me out and away.

Once outside, there was a group of folks, around 60s, hanging out at the opposite facing building on lawn chairs and porches. They quickly turned to me as I was walking up the path to the parking lot. "Did you just come from that house?" An older man asked
"I did..."
"You must be something special then because no one leaves that house!"
An uneasy feeling came about me, but also relief that I was on my way to being away from the place. I heard my boyfriend say my name from the parking lot on the hill above. And somehow, I kicked my feet up off the ground and was able to float into air, and up onto the hill with ease to him.

My dream then showed me a perspective of what would have happened if I had stayed. I would have gone up to the second floor, still a mess among clutter and things with the exception of one small circular room with windows facing towards the front of the house. This particular room, was clean. But had a table like basin in the middle and a variety of strange medical equipment and herbs and such. On the table, was a disfigured cat that had bones showing through skin. The older woman would lock me in here, and would not release me until I cut off the cats head.

My dream later revealed that these were not ordinary cats but people who had also visited the "antique shop" and were trapped by the older woman, now revealed to be BabaYaga, that were transformed into cats by her. No mention was made of the reason why these beheadings were occuring.

My gift of flight was either given because I survived, or because I had unknowingly taken something from the house.


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Your dream mirrors your journey through choices, trust, intuition, and personal empowerment. The field, a transitional space, leads you to two distinct places: one seemingly inviting but treacherous, and the other where people recognize your strength. The hoarder house, representing cluttered emotions or past memories, is overseen by a figure (Baba Yaga), symbolic of fears or challenges. Your intuition saves you, emphasizing the importance of listening to your inner voice. The gift of flight suggests newfound freedom and liberation from constraints. Your escape marks a pivotal moment of growth. This dream foretells a phase where you'll tap into your inner strength, trust your instincts, and rise above challenges in your waking life.