Escaping Hostage Situation and Hiding in Strange Area with Shape Shifting Women

I was in this facility like a train station in the center of a big city without the train. I was in this center area with a line of people with goods in their hands encircling the center area but they were all waiting without any cashiers to process their orders. The person I was with left and I looked in my shopping bag. There was three bags of Bugles and three bags of something else and what at first I thought was a cheese stick but after eating the Bugles the cheese stick was actually like a bologna stick but gross bologna so I spit my first bite into the trash can, didnt want the other item in the bag and we all went to leave together in a crowd. There was this colomibian drug lord looking guy blocking us and he opened his shirt to show us his pistol he said we couldnt leave and when he started to walk away down the hall there was his partner on the left also flashed his pistol. I almost made a break for it between them but decided to find an escape before the drug lord returned from his sweep of the area. So I went quickly with the crowd the other way which is supposed to be a dead end but there was a fenced in back yard area. You cant jump these fenced but I knew how to get over it with some crafty acrobatics on the wall of a shed next to this tall fence. I was nervous in my escape but made it and down below was a cluttered area along a seldom traveled street. I saw someone walk past looking around suspiciously so I thought he was with the drug lord guys. I waited for him to disappear down the way before I made a jump off the raised facilities area.

I found this blanket in this tight area of stuff and strange block things out of sight of the road and wedged myself in the crevice. A woman appeared, forming out of the block, sitting up on the cluttered stuff and her face changed every time I looked up at her. I asked if she was out here long and I hope she didnt mind I took her blanket. She said no she didnt mind because she was leaving and wasnt going to need it. Behind her across the road was suddenly glowing this yellow fuzzy light and there were two older women there talking and laughing sitting on the raised wall backs to the fence. I kept moving my position to keep from being seen by them as I talked with this strange young woman, lying on my back amd told her I was trying to escape and she would expose our location and those women shouldnt see us. Each time I moved and looked up she had also moved. The blanket got under me in all the moving and I went to get under it again, finding that I was now naked and worried the women sitting up there would see me. I thought she was a junkie in an alley but she didnt look like one. She saw that I was naked and said oh no were not doing that and I said I didnt care I wanted to escape and thought she was leaving. But she got down next to me to hide her position outside of the blanket wedging me on the crevice even tighter. She was wearing this white tank top thing and blue short shorts.

Then I woke up.

Her face was always different and looked like she had this hard to explain texture to her skin.
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