Extremely vivid dream with bizarre details


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Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to read this, and possibly considering replying to this post.

First a little background: I go through periods where I dream vividly, sometimes every night, and I go through periods where I don't dream at all (or at least don't remember my dreams). I hadn't dreamed for a long time before last night, and the reason for that might have been the fact that I'd been smoking marijuana every night for a long time, but stopped a couple weeks ago.

The dream I had last night, which again was the first dream I can remember in a long time, was one of the most vivid I've ever had. It began when I was visiting an old friend who I've gotten together with before and played guitar with. This guy is a really good guitar player, and a really nice guy.

For some reason I was messing around with a microphone, which wasn't conducive to our guitar playing. I recognized in my dream that what I was doing probably seemed odd to him. We began talking about this, and he got upset with me, and at one point told me, “I hope I never have a conversation as stupid as the one I'm having with you now”. This was totally out of character for him, and it upset me, and I said to him, “Every conversation I've had with you about God was the stupidest conversation I've ever had”. This upset him, and he told me he wanted me to leave. I told him I would leave.

Now in real life this guy goes to the church that I went to when I was growing up. It's known for being very controlling, and some people even compare it to a cult because it's so controlling. I left the church when I graduated from high school and never returned, but he still goes there and now has a high position in it.

The setting of the dream changed, and I was then still at what seemed like his house, but it was a collection of large, connected rooms, and there was some kind of get-together occurring. I found myself in a small room, almost like a porch, where you could see through a screen into a much larger area where there were a lot of people. Inside of this small room was a woman who seemed to be around my age...maybe five or six years younger. We began making small talk, and then she asked me what I do for a living. I told her, “Honestly, I'm not employed, and that's really tough for me. I hate having to tell people this”. I was upset at having to admit this to her.

She then said, “I'm not employed either, and it's tough for me, and I know what you mean”. This instantly made me feel better, and I felt a connection to her. I've never met this woman before, but I distinctly remember what she looked like. I also remember her having a piercing in her lower lip. Also, she was black, and I'm white, though race has never been an issue to me. I've always seen people as people, and this is how I felt in the dream.

I was enjoying visiting with her, and I was starting to feel some attraction towards her. I could tell that she was feeling the same about me. Then she stood up, and I recognized that she was probably close to being two feet taller than me (I'm 5'10”, which isn't really tall or short, but more like average). She towered over me, and I asked her, “How tall are you? You have to be at least seven feet tall”.

If you live in a country that uses the metric system, to give you an idea of this woman's height, there are few professional male basketball players who are seven feet or taller. A seven foot man is a very tall man, and this woman was probably closer to being eight feet tall.

When I saw how tall she was, my attraction towards her faded, though I could tell she still liked me. I didn't know how to explain to her that I wasn't interested in her because of how tall she was.

The dream shifted and then I was in a different room. For some reason I had only one shoe on, and that was on my right foot. On my left foot was a thick sock. I was running around on my right foot only, and one point I descended a small set of stairs that descended to a floor within the same room. The stairs were only about three feet tall (approximately one meter), and were carpeted. I was moving on one foot the way I should only be able to move on two feet. In real life it wouldn't be possible for someone to be moving the way I was in my dream, on one foot only.

I still hadn't forgotten about the altercation I'd gotten into with my friend, but then I heard him laugh and make a comment about the way I was moving around. He found the way I was hopping around on one foot to be funny. This made me feel like everything was okay between us, when then he was being amused by me.

The dream shifted again and I found myself in another room.. There was a throw rug in the middle of what was this pretty good-sized room, and my guitar case was sitting on it. Near my guitar case I recognized what were small pieces of marijuana, which apparently had fallen out of my guitar case. There were other people around, and whatever kind of get-together was taking place, it wasn't the kind where marijuana smoking would be acceptable. I felt compelled to start inconspicuously picking up the marijuana, but rather than being nervous that someone might see me, I was thrilled that I'd have marijuana to smoke later. I was happy knowing I'd be able to smoke this later.

The dream shifted a final time, and I was in a large room where there were a lot of people. I didn't pay attention to any of the people in the room, but a small child approached me. I recognized it was a tiny little girl. She began crawling up my leg, and then she called me a derogatory name. I reached down and removed her from my leg, and held her out in front of me. She was the size of a newborn baby, but she spoke like a four or five-year-old would.

She was dressed up in a costume that resembled no character I've ever seen before, but she told me that she was supposed to be Wonder Woman. She wore a mask and a cape that were a distinct color that I don't know the name of...somewhere between blue and purple. She had some silver paint on her face, and though most of her face was covered up, I could tell that she was also black, though her complexion wasn't nearly as dark as tall woman I'd spoken with earlier.

I looked at her at one point and rather than being a child who was very small for her perceived age, she was a much smaller creature that was in a kind of suit that resembled a human child. If you've seen the Iron Man movies you should know what I'm talking about (this is a fairly old sci-fi idea of a person who gets inside of a much larger, self-powered suit and operates it via the use of controls). But then I looked at her again and she had returned to being a child who was very small for her age.

She was completely playing up the role of being wonder woman, the way a child with an active imagination would. She was talking about saving people, defeating villains, etc. I thought it was absolutely adorable! I thought she was the cutest kid I'd ever seen.

Then she told me that she was going to be Wonder Woman when she grew up, and I don't know why, but I told her that Wonder Woman wasn't real, so she could, possibly, play Wonder Woman in a movie when she grew up, but there's no way she could be Wonder Woman for real. This upset her and she began to cry, and right then I woke up.

I apologize for making this so long, so I won't make it any longer. Thanks again for reading this, and if you have any insight you'd like to share, I'd be very much interested in hearing it.


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That you remember that much detail is impressive. I recommend stay off the smoke I've never regretted stopping.