Fire and significant other


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Hi guys! It’s my first time writing on here and I do it on behalf of my bf.
Last night he dreamt something weird cause he never dreams like he rarely does. He has dreamt that I was working as a firefighter but it was my first day and I still didn’t have the uniform. He remembers that he came rushing to the station cause he heard that there had been a huge fire down at the station and when he came he saw ashes all around and one of my friends which he asked screaming “where’s my girlfriend?!” And he couldn’t find me. He searched for me for a while and when he found me he gave me a hug and saw I was all dirty and without the uniform and the dream ended
Btw I’m no firefighter so that’s weird
What could this mean?
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Everything in a dream is some aspect of the dreamer, so your friend's dream is primarily about him and his emotions (represented by fire).
So when it comes to your friend's relationship with his girlfriend, is he 'fire fighting' with his emotions at the moment? Is his girlfriend emotionally 'there' for him?
As you appear in the dream, it's likely that you are taking the role of a 'healing agent' for the issue that your friend is currently experiencing. The reference to dirty most likely symbolises that he feels a lack of respect in some way.
It would be great to hear if any of these ideas resonate with your friend?
Ah! I got the wrong end of the stick, so to speak! My apologies for the confusion.
Okay, so his dream is definitely about his relationship with you, and his emotions.
I'll have a further think...
I think your dream is similar to one that many people get when they dream about their partner in some terrible accident, e.g. a car crash. It is a common dream for people who have had a previously difficult relationship and it shows that your boyfriend really doesn't want to lose you.
Hope that helps.
Sorry again for misunderstanding the context.