Fire in the shopping mall


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Hello, I would be very grateful for the interpretation of this dream.
In the dream, I am with my mother and older sister in a shopping mall. We are walking, laughing, shopping, and hanging out. As we walk through the mall, my sister suddenly stops excitedly and calls me and our mother to come and see. As my mother and I approached, my sister took out her phone to record the situation (although in real life my sister never does that). When we arrived, we saw that one store was on fire (a small fire). At that moment, there were still no bad feelings. Calmly, I agreed with my sister and mother to inform someone about the fire. We told a mall worker about the situation, and she thanked us and said they would respond appropriately and not to worry. The mall had many floors, we were already on the 6th/7th floor, and as we descended, we realized that the fire we saw in that store was because the lower floors were already burning extensively. Then the nightmare begins. Suddenly, I realize that my mother disappeared from the dream the moment we informed the worker about the fire. I try to escape with my sister from the huge fire and smoke, along with many other panicked people who were in the mall. I realize that my sister is slowly running out of oxygen and finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with me. At that moment, my sister enters a bathroom and starts vomiting with other people in that bathroom. I quickly follow her, dragging her, trying to get us out of the fire when I realize that she is no longer reacting at all, and I'm dragging her like a corpse. I call out to her in fear and panic to wake up, quickly turning her towards me, where I see her face disfigured by the fire. Then, at that moment when I see her face in that condition, I abruptly wake up from the dream, panicked with my heart racing.
I don't understand why it often happens to me that a dream that starts beautifully and with beautiful emotions gradually turns into a nightmare. Also, I don't understand why, when I realize that my mother is no longer there in the dream, I'm not worried about her at all. Could this mean that my subconscious is telling me that if something similar were to happen in real life and I had to choose, I would save my sister?


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In your dream, the shopping mall represents a journey or path you're navigating in life, filled with various experiences and emotions symbolized by shopping and laughter with your mother and sister.
  • The fire signifies transformation and change, initially small and manageable but eventually becoming overwhelming. This reflects moments in your life where challenges may initially seem minor but grow in intensity.
  • Your mother's disappearance after you've taken responsible action suggests a transition in your life where reliance on maternal guidance diminishes, and you're faced with your own capabilities and decisions.
  • Your focus on saving your sister, despite the escalating danger, highlights your deep commitment to those you love. It also showcases your protective instincts and the importance of family bonds in times of crisis.
The dream isn't about choosing whom to save but about your strength, loyalty, and ability to face changes and challenges head-on. It also hints at the need for preparedness and the value of acting calmly in emergencies. This dream underlines your personal growth, resilience, and the unbreakable ties that bind you to your loved ones, assuring you that together, you can navigate life's fires.