Fist Fight In Subway Restaurant.


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Hello I am brand new to this site and I have almost every single night and I was wondering what interpretations you all had of this dream.

I was at the airport or mall or something peeing in a urinal after talking to a Subway representative because I was in charge of documentation and business and overall amount of subs they sold. (It was an H.R. guy with red hair who I saw at in real life) I was waiting for my wife to meet me at the mall and I called my wife to ask where she was and there was no response. I then ran into my cousin when I exited the bathroom. I called my wife a couple more times to ask where she was but there was no answer, it went to voicemail. I was having a job interview with corporate Subway and I was super nervous but then this guy was yelling in the background and it was this black dude that was giving an older women an issue with her sandwich and looking at me odd. I called him out on it and he kept following me around everywhere I went as I was doing assessments of that Subway location and he was stalking me. But once I walked behind the counter with my note board and I was writing stuff down he noticed that I was with management and asked me to deny that he was giving the lady a hard time. I said no, I am not going to deny, check the camera right there if you want. And then he said he wanted to fight and I said, “No we are not fighting in the middle of Subway we are settling this a different way” and then he took his gloves off and got into my face and wanted to fight so I took mine off and we fought. And my co-worker became a legitimate Referee that had the whole outfit and whistle. The ref blew the whistle and then I woke up 1 minute before my alarm was about to go off which was great because I do not like being abruptly awoken by an alarm I feel like that ruins the sleep.
The first thing I wondered about was whether you are having communication problems with your spouse. The shadow figure in the dream is giving a woman a hard time. Also, there is a question of honesty. Something like this---a part of you wishes to be honest about some aspect of life and the other part does not. There is a fight going on inside you.
Your ego-self in the dream is judging, checking and assessing. Much time is being spent in a Subway...several interpretations come to mind. The first is that this is not a place of excellent nourishment or enjoyment. (Maybe that's my prejudice.) In other words, are you spending time in a sub-par environment and using much energy there. Another idea is going a lower way. This might be good if it means delving into the unconscious. Or more negative if going a way in life that is sub-par.
I am amused by the end of the dream and I remember that the dream-maker often has a sense of humor.