Flying boat - sight and blindness


I wanted to ask if anyone can help me interpret this dream I had. I entered a dark room with very little light, there was a pitch black tunnel, a man entered with a large handcrafted boat, it was like a Venice boat but made with bamboo flooring similar to Noah’s ark, he asked if I care to take a ride, I agreed with my wonder of what’s inside the tunnel, as I climbed on board the man took me through the tunnel, but he didn’t climb inside, he was in the waters guiding the boat, i felt it gliding through the waters, but on entering while the journey was smooth, I couldn’t see anything, yet the darkness was magical. We came to the end and I got out of the boat, I was given the name forefront to work with! I re entered the room only to find it lit up and there was a carpet laid down but no water, I walked through the tunnel also lit up, I was looking around trying to understand how I journeyed on a boat with no water guiding me, who was the man pushing it on this magical carpet, and why was I then able to see? Have I been guided through my own spiritual journey that now I am walking it myself with a new light? My Dream ended with a pattern and I had to make the shape fit with my perception, I knew how many of the shapes could fit in this pattern, but no one else could see the pattern and relied on my judgement. Then I woke. I have been experiencing a shift in my consciousness how I view things, I remember Robert grant mentioning this as we awaken, and how when he revisited Egypt each time he saw something different, I think I am experiencing this with patterns in everything.
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The journey on the boat represents your path through a spiritual transformation, guided by an unseen mentor who ensures your safe passage.
  • The darkness symbolizes the unknown aspects of your inner journey, and the eventual light represents newfound clarity and awareness.
  • Being given the name "forefront" signifies your emerging leadership in this spiritual awakening.
  • The pattern at the end indicates your unique ability to perceive and interpret complex spiritual insights, highlighting a positive shift in your consciousness.
This dream reveals that you are progressing toward greater self-understanding and spiritual enlightenment.


Thank you kindly for you profound knowledge with this dream, and helping me see this in a new light within my spiritual being.