For the Love of Monsters


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back story setting: Last night's dream took place at the home of my old childhood friends home. Her home was an old boating club house that looks like a mini mansion/castle made from stone that sits upon a lake that we lived on. This one particular room of the grand house she lived in is a hardwood parlor room that guests would dine and party in the 1940s. When we were children, we were not allowed to play in this room because her parents continued to up keep the room so well for their company and guests of a bed and breakfast.

The dream starts as I walked up the stone steps into the main door that lead directly into the parlor room. It was dark, no lights, and the house thought to be empty. The house looked different, more cluttered, more ornate. More valuables decorated the room than normal. I walked further into the room, up to a frosted glass door that lead to the kitchen galley and there stood a figure. I was greeted by a Butler, but this butler was not ordinary, he was extremely tall. Upon further inspection, this man was stitched entirely together, wrong, disfigured. A Frankenstein Monster, adorned in a black suit. I was initially scared, his physical disfigurements made me feel extremely uneasy. I fled to the basement, where there were now staircase upon hallways upon rooms that were not originally there before. This was new to me, this was not normal. These hallways and staircases led further down and felt more dark and sinister with each landing. I finally reached a set of tight knit rooms where evidence of humans were being held to be trafficked and tortured. I felt if I stayed long enough, horrors would befallen myself as well. Even more frightened than before and in danger, I found my way back up the labyrinth from below and was found by the monster who brought me back up to safety in the dark ornate parlor room. This time, I did not run from him. Though his deformities still kept me slightly ill, I felt at ease. I looked up on his disfigured face with confusion as I both felt him to be extremely handsome and yet repulsive, I held him to me and found comfort against his cold stitched skin. I don't know who we were to be hiding from, but I knew without any words being said that he would keep me safe. The last scene was both of us looking out the window into the yard.