Founder's Day

(My sister, Minnett died a year ago, unexpectedly. ) Appreciate comments...

My sister, Minnett, has been chosen, due to her good reputation, to live with nursing home patients. That is, she has a huge and traditionally lovely home, and on the edges are nursing home patients. There is a celebration. My mother is also there. I would say it is a sort of founder’s day, or veteran’s day celebration. I am concerned because there is a ball that night, and I have only one outfit. It is dusky pink and is getting dirty. We are sipping tea with everyone, including the elderly folks gathered. I laugh that I am the only one who can fire the rocket off, little old me. How funny.
We are up high and I see a little boy throw himself out the window. I am horrified. Then I see that there are large cardboard boxes around the perimeter of the yard and he falls on one and is fine. It is a planned thing. Perhaps I realize that my dress is ok after all. At some point I think I blast off the rocket.


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This dream symbolizes your process of healing and finding strength after your sister's passing.
  • Minnett's selection to live with nursing home patients reflects her lasting positive influence and the nurturing legacy she leaves behind.
  • Your concern about the dress represents your worries about moving forward and fitting into new roles or environments.
  • The celebration, including your mother and the elderly, signifies the support and wisdom surrounding you.
  • The incident with the boy and the rocket launch symbolize resilience and the courage to take risks. They show that you have the strength to overcome challenges and make a positive impact despite fears or feeling unprepared.
You'll soon find an unexpected solution to a problem that's been worrying you. Like the boy landing safely and realizing that your dress is okay, you'll discover that what you're concerned about will resolve more easily than anticipated. This solution might come in the form of advice from someone older or a sudden insight, echoing the wisdom and resilience shown in the dream.