Frightening out of body experience in sleep


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This happened to me around Christmas one and a half year ago. And is high on my list of unpleasant experiences.

It was a short one. What is eerie is the atmosphere and feeling it had.

In the dream I was standing in a side-road to the street I live.. I was all alone and was in this weird psychedelic state. It reminds me of some kind of derealization/trance state. Extremely creepy almost ghostly atmosphere. It was twilight and sometime in autumn rather than winter. As I had the dream it was of corse winter. So it did not take place at the same time.

But as I was standing there looking at the house in front of me and the grey clouds above. It felt like I was the only thing that existed. Completely alone. A incredible sense of isolation. And I wondered if solipsism was true. Then panic struck. And I screamed in terror for my father as I think I was young in the dream.
Then comes the waking up that felt like nothing I experienced before. It was like I rather re-entered my body from outside. From all directions at once. Rather than just waking up.

Anyone ever had such an experience? It stuck with me through the next day as well. Like the nightmare left a trace it took med half a day to get rid of.