Girl hit by arrow in face and severly injured


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It was some kind of public event. The audience were sitting at tables and on the stage they started shooting with bows. It was dark. I was quite scared because it seemed to be real and dangerous bows. Suddenly an unknown girl (on stage?) with long dark hair was hit in the face. She was bleeding severly and the ensemble tried to save her. I do not know if it was part of the performance or an accident.
I hope to get an interpretation before I tell anything more about myself. I think the same girl has appeared in my dreams at least 3 other times.
Gany, are you yourself female?
Could you see the girl on stage?
From the dream moods dictionary:
To see an arrow in your dream represents the targets you are reaching for and the goals you are setting for yourself.
If you are hit by an arrow, then it refers to a release or exposure of some tension and pressure.
Consider the body part that the arrow hits.
To see an old or broken arrow symbolizes disappointments and severed relationships.
Alternatively, it may indicate that you have changed your mind about some decision.
To see a two-headed arrow in your dream signifies opposing ideas and viewpoints.
You need to consider both sides.
In the Freudian school of thought an arrow symbolizes the penis and its ability to penetrate.
Is this of any use to you?


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Thanks for answering. I am a man, unmarried and interested in women. The sexual interpretation does not fit me. First it was a horrible dream, afterwards I do not know if it was supposed to be an accident on stage or a faked part of the show. The meaning of blood and injured should also be considered.


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No not at all. It was june 2019. She or someone who really looks like her has appeared many times before and after this dream, also recently, healthy and not at all injured. Any interpretation before I tell more?
so the audience were sitting at tables.
being a public event, was it a public building, or somewhere private/exclusive like a club?

do you recognise the girl?

and what were there other dreams like?


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Some kind of public event in maybe a restaurant or club, at least the audience were sitting at tables. I do not remember any food or drinks. It was dark and blue lights. The "accident" happened at a stage. It looked like a show but dangerous long bows would not be used in a theatre in that way. More than one actor shot long bow.

In a recent dream she appeared at a big party outside. Everyone were sitting at long tables. I heard pop music in unknown language. Her place was in front of me. I tried to talk to her and in the same time nearly induce lucid dreaming, but I woke up. She did not talk or react to me.

Once it was at a family party at my childhood home, after the "accident/show". She was interested in me or maybe it was supposed to be in the future and she had the role of my wife?? (there were unknown children that could have been ours, I spent much time with them). She is totally unknown but talked my language this time.
being dark inside, was the vibe negative or positive?
was it like cabaret or a variety show?

is she only in your dream realm, or is she a woman who is popular in the entertainment industry?


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Dark and some blue light for a show that was probably supposed to be entertainment for some party. The only negative vibe was the use of "dangerous"? longbows and the "accident".

She is a fictional character (probably) only inside my dream universe. At least I cant identify her.


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More than 2,5 years since last student parties comparable to these mentioned here. The dream with the accident 3 months after last party. The dream with the outside party, last spring, more than two years since last party.

About the accident, people on stage were helping her, maybe it was an accident. But there were many who shot long bow, maybe on different sides and her side that helped her, which would mean it was faked and part of the play. I do not really know.
so the girl was in a team of people?
was there a host or mc?
was the stage short, or long, across the room, and, was it raised off the floor, for the audience to look up at?
were the people on the stage, including the girl, wearing costumes, or other sorts of clothes?

have you added those other dreams to this forum?


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I have not much more details about the dreams. I have written about unknown recurring characters earlier in summer were she was mentioned, but no answers came. Dreams about calm family/relative parties with both relatives and unknown people are common for me, just one mentioned now because she appeared.

In the indoors party my table was close to the stage, I was not alone in my table, unknown people, unknown girl next to me, maybe one of the others who are recurring. The stage was probably not much higher than the audience, the ensemble also walked a little oustide stage. No memories of dress style on stage.

The outside party I noted to be in China. Hundreds of people, there was a person speaking in microphone, day/evening, not dark, in a city. Its not really sure if it was there or if it just was Chinese theme. Still unsure if China was correct. I live in northern Europe.

She does not look like born in northern Europe, rather southern Europe or middle east, but hardly chinese. In the outside party she had long and a little curly hair (red shirt/top). In the indoors party just long hair that was not curly (white shirt/top). In the family party at home her hair was up and she had black clothes. Text in () was never noted but I remember today.
so unknown people are common for you; what is your social life like?
do you know any women, be it as acquaintances or friends?

and this girl is a recurring theme for you?

and you're in northern Europe, so no common themes regarding that otherwise, as in culture or the geography of Europe?

do you think she could be your wife to be?


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Well that she was injured is nothing I can relate to, that is why I want to consider it a show. I had a much more social life when I studied some years ago, but not too bad today. I have no idea of why so many unknown characters in my dream universe (past lives???).

The dream of the family party at home at least could mean she represents my future wife (rather than that she would exist and actually become my wife, I do not expext too much of a dream).
I have checked the meaning of blood, but dont find anything I can relate to. Consanuinity in swedish means blodsband which directly to english means ties of blood. Can blood and an arrow in some way mean love and marriage?
well, the past life stuff, i disagree with that.
apart from that, im not sure what unknown people means; ive had some of them myself.
what did you study?

and you have no other connection with the dream girl?

was she hit on the cheeks, nose, close to the eyes, forehead, chin?
and did you see who shot the arrow at her?

have you had a look online, for pictures of what the place looks like?


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I never noted so much but can remember some more details (not 100 % sure). She laid on her back with her head to the left and her right side to the audience. Then it was her right cheek that was hit.
She or someone who looked like her was described as my future wife before this dream. Not much details, she laid in a bed in a room with wooden coloured walls.
The recurring characters could maybe also represent my siblings children in the future as grown up. But this woman is certainly not a blood relative to me as she comes from another southern country. I do not even know if she exists.


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Yes, but I cant remember to have seen her on stage before she was hit. I dont remember how many there was on stage and how they looked like.
so, was the arrow shot down to her, by whoever was standing next to her, or was it shot from a bit further away?

did you write the dream on paper, before posting it here?