Girlfriend is in my dreams unreachable


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Sorry for my Bad english guys😅

I dreamed yesterday that I was in a relationship with an imaginary work colleague (although I'm in a relationship with my girlfriend) and was desperate because I wanted to be with my girlfriend, but she was somehow unreachable.. in my dreams we couldn't have a relationship. Then I woke up screaming, she said.

(Note: I was interested in a work colleague a few years ago and our relationship was close to the end because I had emotional chaos. Maybe I still feel bad about it)

Today I dreamed that someone ran towards me and then I woke up screaming again, she said

What does this mean?


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Your dream reflects a journey through unresolved feelings and emotional turmoil from your past. The presence of an imaginary work colleague symbolizes past temptations or conflicts, while your unreachable girlfriend represents current fears of disconnection or loss in your relationship. The recurring theme of waking up screaming indicates deep-seated anxieties coming to the surface. However, the fact that these dreams are emerging now suggests that you are ready to confront these feelings. The solution lies in acknowledging and addressing these unresolved emotions, which will ultimately strengthen your current relationship. By facing these fears, you pave the way for a more secure and connected partnership with your girlfriend.

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