God in a dream


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I had a dream that I was up to my waist in crystal clear water. In a spacious white room like a huge open plan kitchen.

God then put some fish into the water, beautiful small rainbow coloured fish, and He gave me a fishing rod which was light and in my hand. The hook end of the line was in the clear water but there was no bait on it and I didn't try to move it around or anything, it was just there.

Then some of the tiny fish started jumping out of the water onto a flat white surface next to me and I was carefully scooping them back into the water. I remember when doing this with one of the fish I thought to myself 'i hope it is ok' and was concerned, but it was.

So that is my god dream. It was beautiful. A special dream, though I don't know what it means.


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Your dream symbolizes a serene and prosperous period in your life, initiated by divine intervention or a higher power you may attribute success or happiness to.
  • The crystal clear water represents clarity and purity of thought, while the spacious white room signifies peace and ample opportunities ahead.
  • The presence of God and the introduction of vibrant, rainbow-colored fish into this serene environment suggest that you are endowed with numerous blessings and colorful opportunities.
  • The act of gently scooping the fish back into the water, despite the lack of bait or active effort to catch them, indicates a protective nature and a responsibility towards nurturing what you have been given.
  • The concern for the fish’s well-being reflects your compassionate and caring attitude.
This dream is a reassuring message that, with care and attention, the blessings and opportunities that come your way will thrive.