Guardian angel

My guardian angel shows up to get me in my dream while I'm exploring one of the tops of these forested mountains with a two lane road going down them. The houses are like vacation homes and I feel like the inhabitants are visiting temporarily. I start running to get away from something I don't remember but I don't get far when a guardian angel shows up to get me out of there in his real awesome looking high powered car, its like one of those futuristic lamborginis or the like but not exactly. Nothing like what you'd ever see. He says get in quick you don't got time so I get in but this thing is way too small for a human and the windows are one way so I didn't notice that they went all the way down to my ankles when he tried closing it and it wouldn't close. So he damned me for not knowing it was a squeeze and says shift sideways so I turn my hips and try pulling the hatch in and I pull it wrong and he gets upset again saying hurry because you got no time left but somehow I close the hatch with only a second left and he leaps into action without missing a beat and we shoot off down the mountain road with this thing right on our asses. Its so freaking fast and powerful its undescribable and we hug the road like a magnet on a track.

We get way ahead of this thing but it knows where we are so we stop for something I can't remember what but its kilometers ahead down this mountain road. Its like a small resort with vacation homes with this small parking lot. We get out and do something that involves exploring and soon he hurries us back to the car and this time I don't mess up getting into it and find a position that doesn't squeeze my ankles so much at the bottom lip of the window. And bang we're off once again like a cannon without a boom, ultra high acceleration and we're getting close to the bottom of the mountain and the angel starts getting very erratic as he says this thing of evil is closing in on us and we enter this subterranean tunnel cut into the side of the mountain that loops around to the right with a sharp angle of descent with slatted windows on the left and now my adrenaline is kicked in and poof the car is gone and we're standing there at the ending part of this tunnel and the sky out the slatted windows is a deep starry dark blue.

The angel goes berzerk about his car disappearing but theres this bird and he says catch the bird don't let it escape because somehow his car turned into this bird and we chased it around knowing it cant get away because we're in this tunnel and somehow I get my hands on it and theres this monumental struggle to hold onto it, I mean, this bird can squeeze out of my hands like its made of something stretchy and really dense and first time I took my hands onto its wings and was afraid that I'd break its wings but like I said it was really unbelievable dense and shape shifting to get away feeling like clay in my hands. So I struggle and it starts pulling me along the ground while I clutch onto it with all my strength knowing I can't let it go no matter what. And second swing onto it I get it pressed against my chest and wings folding mostly down onto its body and its going so ****ing hard its like pulling my body into a stretch like it does but I am determined to not let go and my angel is there with me to help make sure that this thing doesn't get away. But it squeezes out through all openings in my arms and fingers and I'm now not worried of harming it from the hard struggle and knowing what its made of and it starts flapping its wings and my hands slide to its feet and I clutch on with all my strength to its feet, I can feel the talons and scaly dry flesh, but I refuse to let go and it starts stretching me like through a new dimension and the angel is telling do not let go. And I am stretching in the direction of this bird and the guardian angel is trying to bring us back to inside the car but everything is critical and I musn't let go. And then I wake up.