guerrilla wars?


I don't have a coherent timeline for this dream only fractions.

I live in some island country of unknown name. The climate is warm, cities are small and scarce, many tiny uninhabited islands with lots of wildlife. I don't know what people are fighting for or against, but there are 2 guerrilla factions and I am a member of one of them. (The guerrilla was briefly mentioned in a book on the history of languages that I'm currently reading.)
Many years ago, when I was still very young, our group suffered a heavy defeat and our leader has disappeared. In the meantime, I have taken charge. I know everyone and organise everything behind the scenes. We are laying low for now. Some of our members, disguised as tourists, are in charged of surveillance, taking photos of our enemies' movements. I make bombs in my basement, devise strategies, organise meetups, etc.

One of those fake tourists comes to town strapped to a kite of sorts that's supposed to help him fly, but he is struggling with it. So I offer to help him with that and take him somewhere. We arrive at on old wrecked sail boat. The idea is that he can leap off the top to take flight.
I climb up to meet the woman and toddler who live there. The child is a foundling and the woman is put in charge of taking care of it, though I'm not sure she's doing a good job of that. The woman seems to be a newer member of our faction and may essentially be an enemy attempt to infiltrate us. I don't trust her too much. *
(The boat set-up is inspired by a ropes and obstacle course I climbed through two days ago.)

I and 2 or 3 women from our group are standing by a road when police cars drive by. Apparently the two factions had a little skirmish somewhere, and the police, who side with our opponents, decided to escort the opposing members safely out. There's a woman in one of the police cars and she points a gun at me through the windscreen. I walk up to the car and stand right in front of it, looking down the barrel of her gun I urge her to shoot but, in the end, she doesn't and I walk away.

I want to organise an attack but I'm uncertain if our pilot is trustworthy. Our leader is supposed to make a resurgence and I'm worried that the pilot might put him at risk. I decide to meet our leader to ask him about the pilot.
We (our leader, 1 or 2 of his most trusted guys and I) go to one of the tiniest islands and evacuate the wildlife there before I test launch one of my bombs to show off its power. Afterwards I feel sorry because the entire island has been evaporated and the animals essentially lost their homes. But I'm satisfied with the enhanced destructive power of my bombs I have worked so hard to develop.

Our faction is having a party. I put someone (our cook?) in charge of a certain task, but she isn't happy about it. I tell her that she's allowed to delegate. Later I discuss meal prep with her.
I let everybody know that everyone is supposed to wear a tie, just loosely dangling it around their necks is fine, no need for formalities. I grab a pile of ties in order to distribute them among the members. One woman is still not to keen about it but I know she likes shiny stuff. So I pick one item from the pile and show it to her, a large feather that shines in different colours depending on the light, offering to let her wear it as a tie.
* That woman makes an appearance and it turns out that she is not fully invested in our causes. I calmly ask her which side she's on and her reply was "My own!" So I keep asking which direction (ours or our opponents') her path is leaning towards but I don't hear her answer. It has the appearance of a casual dialogue where people respectfully discuss their different opinions without any hostility, aggression or the like.

Any ideas what this dream could mean?