Had almost the same dream twice


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I’ve had a recurring dream lately. It’s happened twice so far but with different details each time. The first time I saw a figure outside my bedroom window, just staring in, not saying anything, not trying to get in, just watching. I didn’t feel fear while having this dream, just confusion and I wanted to know what they wanted and why they were there. I couldn’t make out a face in the first one. The second one the theme was the same but this time I could tell what gender they were. It was a woman this time and she was lurking by the front door, staring in the screen door. This time I tried to get her to leave but she wouldn’t. I called the police, my dream didn’t show the police arriving, just me calling them and I also threatened her with a weapon to see if that would make her leave but she stayed stoic. Just staring constantly, not moving or trying to come inside.