Hangin out with grey aliens

So they were all wearing disguises, fake ass wigs and a variety of funny looking 70s clothes. It was some place like Boston but like really really 70ish hip 70s. All of them hadbig smiles on their faces, all if them. They all looked identicle, all of them. The only way to tell them apart was their costumes and their age because someof them were wrinkly like old humans but a of them were in shape. We were in school but it was also their job but I was the only that didnt work there.

They could make themselves look human and oftentimes looked both human and grey I guess it was a hologram or something, the disguise was in my mind not on their face so it was a mindtrick technology where they access your brain and make it think it sees a human, but make it believe so deeply that they are no different than human that you cant tell the difference although your eyes see that they mpst definitely are not, so its also a hormonal manipulation where they make you comfortable hormonally to help your brain accept their illusion. Very complex technology and its all in your head no physical props or devices necessary.

So I dont know why Im with them or what we are doing or even who the are but Im with them and although I know they are basically identical clones I know they are individuals with differing personalities and intellects. So we get off the bus and walk into the building up this ramp with a steep drop off on the end so that we have to climb the wall to reach the ramp because it doesnt meet the street. We get inside and its like a public school in the 1970s feels like home and familiar to me although before my time.

We get up to this class room and mind you none of the floors are level even in the hallways everything is slanted diagonally wherever you walk except through doors and chairs and desks and the walls and ceilings are square but the floors their all on a climb diagonally. In the classroom theres two weight lifting machines with dumbbells on them, one at each end of the classroom. Nearest the door is the lower level. Theres a walkway past this first chest press to a glass door that leads out to a courtyard or walkway with some green vegetation. A thin divider wall between hips and chest high seperates the desk and chair area from the chest press dumbbells at each end of the room. Theres these greys already in there lifting weights at each end bit these ones arent in disguise and seem sort of gullible and stupid and like unknowledgeable like their still learning and in training.

So the greys divide up and some of them go sit in the desk and chair area in the center of the room and some surround the uncostumed greys at the weight machines. They start talking and laughing and are seriously sending me strong internal vibes like they resent me and saying this to each other that I shouldnt be there but I cant help hearing them because they fill the room up and Im somewhere between them all. They cant help it and immediately know that I heard them resenting me and not wanting me there then the weird vibe is gone.

And so the grey alien guy near the doors is just pumping iron like a machine and does not ****ing stop although its hurting him and he just keeps going and going although hes skinny as a pole and the greys that are with me are laughing at his stupidity. One of them gets out a knife that looks like a good medium sized kitchen knife maybe 7 inches long and talks to the grey lifting the weight who is completely subjective like hes programmed to accept everything hes so gullible. And so he shoves the knife into the greys side and through his ribs sinking it almost to the hilt, right behind the peck, leaving about half an inch and he doesnt even flinch and he keeps pumping iron and everyone laughs including him because he thinks hes one of them now or something but hes so oblivious its ridiculous what his mind is saying it even gets on my nerves and Im human. But I also feel sorry for him and he keeps pumping iron with this knife in him and blood starts dribbling down and oh no nothings wrong and hahaha everyones laughing and the guy down there is accepting this like he doesnt even know that this is going to kill him. So I step in closer and stops pumping iron and sits up with the knife sticking out doesnt even touch it or get up and then a few more of the greys also have knifes and they stab him lightly in his face all the while laughing and talking to him like hes their friend and he believes it and step in and say hey man if you dont stop the bleeding youre going to die and he looks at me like Im an alien and says what? What do you mean? And so I keep repeating this to him and he pulls out the knife in his side and tries plugging up the hole and plugging the worst gash in his face and I say yes man stop the bleeding before you die. And he panics and gets up and walks out the door with the group of grey around him and I was told to stay inside but I could through the blurry glass that they were gathered immediately outside the door.

So I go to the other end of the classroom at the high end and the disguised greys up there have done the same thing but on the opposite side of hus chest because the weigh machine is facing opposite directions. This time I dont say anything it wouldnt matter because he almost immediately bleeds to death while he pumping iron doesnt even try to stop the bleeding. And they say to me you see hes so very dumb pne of our defects. So these guys are so sadistic but I guess thats what life among clones must be the norm.

Then we all leave and return to the bus on the way they are talking to me with their group mind and tell me this was a school and its their job to do these sorts of things. They say those aliens were screw ups and ultra gullible couldnt think for themselves and were more like robots with malfunctions that living beings like us, no self defense or survival instinct they deserved to die and they cant help it everything is funny to them I have no idea.

We get to the bus and they want to leave me behind but I must join them. And this was where they started getting friendlier. So on this but theres more seats and desks like a classroom but its more like being in a cool flat in the 1970s with a rockstar supergroup everyone was dressed so hip and stylish. And so I try and lecture them that man he didnt know that getting stabbed would kill him so why did they kill him anyways and make it into a fun game couldnt he still be useful and the guy in the middle said no all defects are disposed of no matter what and he deserved it anyways for being so gullible and believing them like a religion because he basically killed himself. And so the oldest one with the extreme wrinkles challenged me to a kung fu fight but he was so freaking fast and outmaneuvered me so well he didnt actually hurt me at all but made me admit that he got me every time he attacked I said Im no match and he agreed.

Then I woke up