Have you ever dreamed that you died?


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I had this weird dream that while riding in my friend's car, he lost control and we slid into a telephone pole that hit right at my door.

It was like total shock, almost like I was zapped by electricity and then everything turned to total blackness and silence. I was slowly floating up as the shock turned to an aching pain.
I woke up with this song in my head... " Been 14 days, since I don't know when... I just saw her with my best friend, do ya know what I mean? ("Do You Know what I Mean" by Lee Michaels).

I took the 14 days thing as a cue... I thought wow! I better be careful in 14 days, maybe this dream was a bad sign! Well, nothing happened and I didn't lose my GF either...

Anyone else have a death experience in a dream?