having difficulty finding a bathroom at a talented school?

Last night I had this dream, it started off with me for some reason getting a birthday present for a dead, fictional character and it was late at night and my parents had to go out and I think I finished the card or something and I was looking all over the place for where they had put the rest of the stuff, and they (the parents) came back and they helped me find the stuff apparently it was hiding underneath Dad's bags in the front hall. Then my sister showed up still late at night because she had 'forgotten to get gas earlier in the day when she had been there'. Then for some reason Sis and I started playing a game (I think the game in question was 13 Dead End that we played once in real life, but the board game is injured now in real life) in the middle of the family room and I guess we were also watching TV as well-and a 'ghost tv show' was being advertised, and my sister commented on what was being advertised and one of us mentioned a book to the other. Then the dream changed

I was in I guess a school for talented people-I don't know what I looked like but I think it was about lunch time and I was running around the school trying to find a bathroom and the bathrooms were either dirty or locked. I asked one teacher about why the bathroom was locked and the teacher told me to "go away' or something like that. I somehow stumbled across this one bathroom/beauty parlour (for both genders) the stalls in the room once you went in them was similar to the style of a washroom at Casa Loma (A tourist destination in Toronto) that there was both toilets and sinks in the stalls themselves. But outside of it there were couches and I guess somewhere in the room there was stylists moving around but I didn't see them. When I enter the room when I stumbled across it all I could see was couches and chairs with a white foot pump like you would see at a dentist's or Hair place. On one of these couches was a blond girl (if you seen the Disney Descendant's 1 and 3 , she was sort of like Audrey from those movies)- I think we had some kind of bad blood between the two of us.. but let me use the stalls nearby. When I got back out someone else who appeared to be male said something about they (the girl, him, and some other people who were in the room) had called for pizza and would I like to join them? I think I said no, and I went to the cafeteria (Which looked identical to my High school's one), and then I think it was a couple of days later, and I guess awards (it could have been roles or something) were being handed out for some reasons or others and I didn't get either an award or a role of sorts- until a younger child (I think the school was like a JK-12 school) about Gr. 3? gave me something kind of card, and I kind of start to cry in dream because of it (don't remember what the card said through but I do remember it had pictures) That's when I woke up