Healing and Powers


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Hi all,

I am new here. I'm a heavy dreamer and have visions/dreams which are both vivid and lucid. I also get Deja vu from dreams that I had years ago. I always wanted to try and understand it but I've just accepted it and pay attention to the experiences.

Last night I had a dream where me and a few friends were sat in what was an apocalyptic world where humans did not develop as they usually do (children were skinny, large heads and looked very different) I could talk to my friends (one of them is an ex) and they were asking me to show them what I can do... I refused but then gave in. So I called the group of children over and said pass me your hands to which I held them. My body started to vibrate and I could feel a ton of energy running through me into them... when I opened my eyes the children were no longer skinny or famished. I woke up in an great mood because I remember everything and felt something quite unique!

Anyone got interpretations of this? I've tried looking but it's a little bit specific for search engines 😅



This dream is rather specific, indeed. Maybe it's just you realizing that giving is actually quite fulfilling. ^^

Are you a healer of sorts? Or work in health care, pedagogics or the like? Something related to children, maybe? Or maybe your passion is leaning in that direction, even if you're not doing it yet?