horse racing


It is very early morning, maybe just before dawn. A young woman is riding a horse. The horse is either excited or nervous, cause it's quite jumpy and giving its rider a difficult time. A man leads the horse through a small gate in a wire-mesh fence. Arriving at their destination, the woman gets off and goes away.

Scene and time shift
I walk along a busy gravel path framed by trees. Someone calls my name, and I instinctively turn around. I see a young woman heading a small group of other women. I know her from real life, but I can't recall her name. I hear people talking and wondering if one of my horses will be in today's race. I wonder if I have a horse that I could register last minute as I walk on to find the man from before. He manages my affairs in my absence, so I have to consult with him about all the things I'm not aware of. He seems to be having some conversation with some people. He's leaning against the stone wall of a fountain, relaxed.

I approach him and whisper something in his ear. My words are just gibberish, but he understands. Scene shifts to what looks like a makeshift booth made of lined up tables and poles holding a banner. He sits behind one of the tables as we discuss the situation. I inquire about a horse, but he confirms, that the horse is not fit to race. Then I tell him that I would love to ride a particular young mare in a race soon. I don't need her to win, just getting used to the atmosphere. He suggests to bring another, older and therefore experience mare as company for the young one. I agree.
He flips through his box of index cards and hands me a card. He loses his cool because something seems to be missing from his card box. Meanwhile I look at the card. It has turned into 2 pages of a newspaper or magazine. I can't make sense of those as they have nothing about horses on them, neither front nor back. One of the race organisers approaches asking if there's a problem. I show her (I believe) the pages and sure enough there's some race info/stats on the back.

  • If all dream people are in fact me, holy cow must I have a busy mind. All these voices and whispers.
  • My "manager" is organised, confident and relaxed. He knows what's going on and how and when to make use of it.
  • I on the other hand seem to be preoccupied with other things like enjoying myself. I know the business is running smoothly, and I trust my manager and his advice. We seem to have a deep connection cause he understands my gibberish.
  • At first I thought I was the rider, until things shifted to an observer's perspective.
  • Obviously I have plans for the future. They still need some polishing, but I believe them to be ready enough for a test run. And it's never a bad idea to have some backup plan (companion horse).
  • No idea where to put that newspaper/magazine stuff...
  • And what is missing from the card box? And what does that mean for me?

As usual, your ideas and thoughts a very welcome.