Hotel Humanity


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Hello. I'm seeking out opinions on this reoccurring dream I've been having. I describe it as "Hotel Humanity" because of the never changing features that tend to appear in these series of dreams. What's strange about this dream is the fact that I can remember the dream almost as well as I can remember a random Friday last month. The major details I can recall if I think hard about it, but certain things escape me. It's honestly the only dream that I can remember. I don't have this dream every time I sleep, but there's just certain things about it that I cannot forget.

To start, the location is always the same. I'm in a building with white walls and gray carpets. The hallways are seemingly never ending and are well lit despite there being no light sources. There are gray metal doors spread apart evenly along the smooth walls. They have numbers on them, but I can never remember the numbers (or maybe I can't understand them?), and under those numbers is a looking hole. Other than the handle doorknob, there's nothing descriptive about them. Everything about the hallway is nondescript. Just plain gray and white. But that's not what's special about the location. It's the fact that the layout of the corridors are different. Sometimes instead of doors there will be a small lounge area, or a water fountain, or a staircase, or a vending machine, or a bathroom/locker room area. The halls are endless. Never-ending. I can walk the entire duration of my dream down these halls and never run into a dead-end or revisit an area I've been to.

There are stairways that lead to upper and lower floors, they're always just around the corner. There's never a single turn corners. Every intersection is either a four way or three way. Sometimes there will be a door that leads to a courtyard or outside area of some kind. No matter what floor I'm on, whether I've gone up or down multiple levels, the floor is real dirt and I can see the sky. There's multiple types of rooms and hallway variations. Even though the doors are spaced evenly, the actual rooms vary in size and type. One room might be a studio apartment with a single window looking at a wall, while the one next to it is a 5 room penthouse with a balcony overlooking the ocean, then the one next to that is a small closet. These are all rooms lived in. I don't remember seeing any empty rooms, but I don't go out of my way to open every door. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Most doors are locked because people value their privacy.

The people in the dream are another story. Most of the people that live there are strangers. People I've never met or probably passersby that I've seen in public, but sometimes it's people that I've met in the past. Close friends, potential lovers, short-term acquaintances, and even people that hate my guts. The strangest thing is I can remember the people I see for the most part, but I can never recall our interactions and conversations. Whatever we talked about or did together escapes my memories. I can recall physical things such as a eating a meal or receiving a kiss. I just can't recall the reason or the conversation. It's like trying to watch a silent film thats spliced away context of the content. I could probably recall it shortly after waking up, but I don't remember it like I can the rest of the dream.

Another strange thing is I have never seen an entrance into this strange place. I've only been outside of the building once and didn't dare look back. I somehow found a car in an empty parking garage and after what seemed like an hour of driving I finally made it out of there. I drove out of the ground and into a daunting sight. The hotel was on an island or peninsula, built on the edge of a cliff. There was a storm. A large hurricane was illuminated by a light nearby. Whether it was a lighthouse or the hotel I couldn't say. I only drove forward in the downpour and along a narrow road. One side was a rocky wall while the other was a drop into the crashing waves that reached high from the darkness below. I ended crashing and waking up before I got very far. Probably a fraction of the time spent in the garage. But there is an outside. It's the same, or similar, view some of the rooms have.

Even though I might be trapped, I'm never in danger. There's no monsters in this dream. No animals or insects either. Just an endless hotel full of humans. People who are too busy with their own business to interact with me, and the ones that do are usually kind and at worst dismissive. The only time I've been hurt in the dream is the one time I've left the hotel and when I hurt myself. It's not even a dream where I feel panic or anxiety. It feels like being lost in a familiar place. I don't know what I will see around the next corner or behind a door, but it's not bad. At worst it's weird.

Maybe this is common or maybe its the early stages of some mental breakdown. It doesn't bother me, but I had realized that it was something that I dream about many times and actually remember fairly clearly. Truly the point of this post was to get some outside opinions and thoughts about this series of dreams I have. If anyone else has experienced something similar or would like more specifics about it, I would be happy to hear about it. I'm not good at interpretation, but if any dream gurus want to add their analysis I would be interested in reading it and providing any info needed.

I hope you all have a good day and have wonderful dreams tonight.
Hello F_M.
Regarding the building, do you think it may resemble a hospital, an aged care facility, or some other like building?
Does the dream, or even the content of the dream mean anything to you?


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I don't think it's a hospital. At least it's no hospital that I've ever seen. The hallways have this hard gray carpet that has some nondescript design and the doors are spaced and numbered like you would find in a hotel or apartment building.

Other than the people that I recognize appearing, there's really nothing about the dream that I can identify as being significant. I don't remember the interactions with the people in the dream. Not even right after I wake up, nothing is really retained in my mind like the setting. Other than the building and the people I see, the only thing that sticks after I awake is whatever emotion I was experiencing. There had been days where I encountered a stranger and woke up in a good mood. Then some days I wake up crying for no reason I can recall. Other than that the dream really doesn't have any significant meaning or relation that I've noticed. What do you think it could mean?
Visually, does the building look new, be it that it was built in the last 10 - 20 years, or is it much older than that?
Instead of a hospital, could it be a dorm like building?
Being a recurring dream, do you have any idea what may have triggered the dream?


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Oh I see what you mean. It's kinda like a dorm in the hallways. The random community spaces that appear make it feel more like a dorm when I think about it. But it all seems new. New as in everything is clean and there doesn't seem to be any signs of damage on anything. The doors do seem kinda old in design I guess. They're heavy metal doors with hydraulic devices on top to assist with closing them. I don't think I've seen any door left open. I also can't open any door from the outside either, but pushing the door open from the inside is easier than it would seem.

I'm not sure what triggered it. I don't really know when I first started having the dreams. I just noticed recently that it's something that has continued to happen.
Do you work, or study?
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
The building being located on an island/peninsula, are you able to give more of a description for that area?


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I'm an introverted worker.

I can't really describe the place since I've only seen it once, and not very well at that. The most I remember is the wild waters and the storm that took place during the time. The area was pretty rocky with some vegetation. Usually there's no way to leave and the only time I did was for a very short while. I don't usually have any way to leave the premises of the building. If I could give more of a description I would, but I don't remember seeing more than that.
The impression that i get, is that the inside of the building, and the few people you talk to, relates to you being an introvert.
That's certainly not a criticism, because you being an introvert can't be criticised.
As for you driving the car, i think maybe you want a bit more control in life, or perhaps you are looking for a bit of direction in life, despite what is going on around you.
Not that you lack direction as such, perhaps more like looking for which way to go.
Regarding where you were driving, have a look on google maps, type in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, and do a street view of Shortland Esplanade.
Perhaps that is similar to the scene of where you driving.