I awakened in the year 2040 and not remembered what I was doing all this time.


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So I knew that I must have been in the future, so I asked someone what year it was and they said it was 2040. I thought that I should make an appointment to see a psychiatrist to find out what is wrong with me, because I thought I must have lost 16 years. I didn't manage to get it done in the dream because I had immediate concerns like I was told that I had a class to go to. I haven't been to school in years. Thankfully it was my first day because it was a new kind of math I think it was probably an extension of quantum computing. I had to ask where the class was. It was an old building and that is by 2020s standards. Other than personal things I don't remember much. Except that there were these arcade game characters in some kind of race and only half of them would have succeeded in it.