i had a dream that carried my emotions to the real world


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I was in the middle of class and i dosed off and i hade this weird dream. Pretty much what happened is I was working for some sorta law enforcement place, and we had an alert of this dude that had stolen a collectable RV. Me and my buddy told one of the system workers to put a bounty on him and then we left to find him. when we found him, we jumped off our bikes and came crashing through the windows of the RV. my buddy threw him off the steering wheel and went to go return it, while me and the guy were in a fight. eventually, i ended up throwing him out the back window, and he just stayed in this plank position in the middle of the street. i keep yelling at him to "GET UP OR YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!". a car went right over him and he was unscathed. Then another car goes overtop him but when the car went by, i just saw his body on the ground with no head. i immediately start crying, then i wake up and im crying as if my mom just died.

I would like to know if this is normal or if i have something wrong with me.