I Had The Most Bizzare Dream Ever


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So it started off with a mysterious figure with wings coming to my window, and it told me that i was going to become like one of their kind. My girlfriend kept going to the toilet nude and i was scolding her because she had no decency in my house, and she weirdly felt like a demon because she had no shame. Now i don’t really want to date this girl anymore because she’s obsessed with me and she’s too clingy.

I then told my family that I had to grow wings and they were trying to kill me and they did not accept me. They tried to stab my shoulders with a 2 large needles stuck in shoes and said that will be my wings. Of course it didn’t stay inside and i didn’t feel any pain. and then it came to me.. i realised i knew what to do. I jumped out of the window and I SOMEHOW knew my wings were gonna come out because that very action happened in another dream.

So I cried and knew that I had no family to return to after that. I flew to my old house and saw my room, still in the same condition but with some other woman living in there. I wanted to go in, but she was entering the room and I did not want to get caught. The funny thing is, I don’t have an old house so that was weird, but my room is in that old house. I felt so much comfort seeing it and what I felt is I knew I’ll miss my time there, as I flew away, not knowing about my next destination.

When I landed, I found myself at my ex-girlfriend’s window. I saw her as she was setting up her room for Christmas. Somehow, I didn’t feel the hatred I had for her for cheating on me, and she seemed kind of surprised and happy that it may have been me because once she saw me outside she said “John? John?! Is that you??” And her tone was one where it seemed like she was comfortable seeing me after a year. Weird thing is her new boyfriend wasn’t there. I flew downstairs because I didn’t want to be found out but she immediately knew it was me when I landed there. She came down with her grandmother and her grandmother fed me with her cooking and I cried because I missed it so much. I asked her how she was and everything just felt like a closure to my wound. She went off and I just felt warm, yet sad that I’ll never get to see her again.

In the next scene I saw my cousin near my ex’s house, and I told him I was this angelic/demonic thing with wings and that my parents threw me out. He wanted to see my fly but I couldn’t show anyone else. Eventually I showed him but I flew away, not returning back.

I realised that I wasn’t flying anymore and I was now in a van, with my ex’s cousin and my friend. He was sending me back home and halfway, we got into an accident. Someone almost died and our van hit the other car quite badly which ended up flipping on us, but we weren’t hurt.

I remember when this mysterious figure told me I was going to become like them, it also told me that I would die as a human eventually and permanently become their ‘kind’. So it felt like I wanted to do everything I could without regrets before dying. I was gonna text my crush and tell her that I liked her, but strangely I still didn’t have the balls to do it.

I had a large sum of cash under my pillow in real life and I remembered it in my dreams. I called my little brother to take it and keep it in a safe place for me in case my parents took it. He asked why and I told him that ‘Dad and Mom doesn’t accept me anymore’. He couldn’t hear the first time so I repeated it louder, and that’s where I woke up.

It felt weird, scary, and kind of warm because it was so vivid. Having the power to fly. Seeing things I’m not supposed to see like people living in their houses through their window. Seeing my ex-girlfriend and her family again. The only scary thing is that my parents looked at me with such hatred and they said they never should’ve birthed me, and wanted to kill me.

This is the first time I’m sharing my dream online, and I hope someone would be so kind enough to tell me if there’s any hidden meaning in this dream because I always have these kind of dreams and I could never interpret it. Thank you so much.