I Keep Dreaming My Cell Phone Never Works


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I have this dream at least 1 or 2 times a week for months.

I want to make a phone call but my cell phone has been taken over by some strange unrecognizable software. I can't find where to make a call, I can't find my contacts, I can't find anything.

Last night, I said I must be dreaming because my phone wasn't working again. I kept telling people my phone wasn't working because I was dreaming. I tried to use my tablet and that had the strange malware/software on it aw well. This was the first time that another device was affected.

I was trying to call my cousin and asked someone else to call her and their phone worked, but they couldn't get through. I asked a third person and they were hit while dialing to prevent them from getting through and I said the dream is preventing me from contacting my cousin.

Its never the same person I am trying to call, but it's always the same strange malware/software on the phone and it never works unless I do a factory reset.

Last night's dream went the furthest, involving other people and other devices.

I am not worried about this recurring dream, just curious.


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Here's my first thought- It sounds like you have some concerns on your mind regarding communication with others. Something is stopping you from speaking...so your dreams are using the electronic devises as the symbol/reason for this lack of communication going on.