I keep forgetting my dreams, so I made an app to help me remember


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Hello dreamers,

I have been dreaming my whole life and experienced many types of dreams. Love, adventure, stupidly weird, nightmares, death, ... I have dreamed them all.

Those dreams that I've had lit up sparks in me to do things in real life. I kept dreaming about that job I was afraid to take, so I sucked up the fear and took it. I kept dreaming about me hanging out with that girl, so I asked her out. I kept dreaming about a dreading social group that I had, so I cut them off from my life, ...

So affected by my dreams, I then tried to remember those intimate stories that my brain had told me.

But I keep on forgetting them shortly after waking up. There wasn't enough time for me to get up and write the dreams down in physical journals. By the time I get to the table, they've already been forgotten.

So I've made a simple app for me to journal my dreams into. So far, I've been remembering my dreams much more efficiently every time a nice dream came up.

Besides that, I can look back at the old dreams that I've had anywhere without having to carry a heavy journal in my backpack all the time.

I have felt confident with my decisions, more grateful for the things that I'm having, and have had good giggles with those silly dreams.

So now I'm publishing the app, hoping that I can help you feel the same as I did.

https://dreamember.xyz is the dream journaling app that I've made.

Happy dreaming.