I made an AI Dream Interpreter


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I was messing around with AI and thought a really cool use case would be to use it to interpret dreams. So I made a dream interpreter with AI: https://dreaminterpreter.ai/. It's been really helpful at having me process my dreams and show me some symbolism I may be overlooking. Would love if you can check it out and give me any feedback on how I can make it better! Please let me know if you have any questions as well!


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I tested it out with a reoccurring dream I've been having. It's interpretation is kinda accurate with my current life.

"This dream may represent feelings of isolation or loneliness."

This part is interesting as I can't think of anything that would make it correlate what I typed with this assumption. It's accurate though.

"The dreamer may feel like they are stuck in a monotonous routine with no way out."

I'm not sure what correlation this comes from. I wouldn't say it's inaccurate, but it is an inappropriate way to describe it.

"The never-ending hallways may represent the dreamer's feelings of being lost or trapped."

This is accurate and I can understand the correlation.

"The various rooms and people in the dream may represent different aspects of the dreamer's life or personality."

I don't understand what this means. In the context of my dream, the rooms are fairly random and most of the people are strangers. The majority of those I don't, or can't, interact with. Maybe I should have been more specific about that section of the description, but it also seems like the AI locks on certain phrases and words to analyze entire sentences or paragraphs.

"The stormy outside may represent the dreamer's feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control."

I only mentioned storms briefly. This reinforced my previous assumption about it locking in on key phrases and words.

Overall it's a good AI. I used it three times, each time being more detailed than the last. This was from the most detailed version. It's very good with generalized or shorter descriptions. One to two paragraphs at most with moderate detail. One thing that did surprise me though was the inclusion of loneliness and isolation in the most detailed version. In both the short and medium sized description it was easier to see the correlation between the subject of the dream and the interpretation of the AI. But longer more detailed description seems strange as it came up with a few interpretations that were completely different that the previous two, such as the feelings of loneliness and monotonous routines. Overall I think it's a good AI and I'll share it with others and run the same tests with them. Thank you for sharing this.


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Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it! One of my friends told me that I should increase the length of the responses, so it is interesting to hear someone say that the length of the responses may be too long. For that reason, I'll probably keep it the same for now :) Thanks for sharing and let me know if you have any other insights or suggestions!