I met my old friend and things got weird


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What is the meaning of my dream? I went to my old friend house (married woman) for the sake of visiting and suddenly she came to me and we f*ck on the couch. When she was at peak and I hadn't, her brother came in to the room. We weren't caught, we finished just before he entered. Then we went to the beach and there was tsunami distress call. When we ran, I deliberately separated (before, she texted me she want an affair with me). I met other strugglers, and found ourselves a boat. We sailed to downtown. I met two of my friend there (not old friend), leisurely took walk on the field, among the water. They said they don't know anything about tsunami and they were just fine.


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This dream appears to be a complex mix of various elements and emotions -- Visiting your old friend's house could symbolize a desire to reconnect with past memories, relationships or aspects of your life. This intimate encounter with your old friend might represent a desire for closeness or emotional connection. The tsunami distress call might symbolize emotional turmoil or overwhelming challenges in your life or guilt.