I need help interpreting these dreams I have had about, Bees snakes and alligators


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Over the past few months, I have had these strange dreams involving a bee, crocodiles, and snakes. I can't remember every single detail but here is what I can remember.


The first dream revolved around me seeing crocodiles. This dream was short but memorable. I was a passenger on a small jetboat rapidly moving through a swamp that contained quite a few crocodiles with their heads and bodies poking out of the water. I felt a sense of fear as the boat was gliding across the water. This dream was under a minute long.


I have had two dreams involving snakes but I can't remember every exact detail. In the first dream, I was in a room with some woman who was holding a snake in her hand, trying to communicate with it while I was looking at it. The snake was sticking its tongue out, and its facial expressions appeared as if it was talking with the woman. This occurred again towards the end of the dream, only this time I was with a man in what appeared to be a living room. Directly after I believed that I had woken up from the dream, but the layout of my house was completely different and the TV was on. This happened two or three times until I finally woke up.

Snakes Again

This one was a lot more vivid. In this dream, the layout of my house and the decorations were a bit different. My house was swarming with snakes that me and my family were trying to avoid. I vividly recall me and my brother trying to escape from a large, but speedy snake that had two big teeth which strongly resembled the ones depicted on a sabretooth tiger. I jumped over some guardrails to escape from it. Later on, I was in another room and two extremely small snakes were quickly moving in circles and One of them bit me on the foot. I felt a sharp pain that disappeared immediately, then suddenly my uncle placed a bandage on my foot. Everything else is a haze apart from me and my family members eating fast food in my auntie's living room. I interpreted the snakes to symbolize my lower nature.


This next dream revolved around a bee. But before bees had appeared in this specific dream I and a group of of other people within a hall listening to men in black and white striped clothing, spreading what appeared to be propaganda, however I was able to see through it and informed others that nothing is black and white everything is grey. Later on, I was in my aunties house and there were two bees in the house. One of those bees was killed by my younger cousin and the second bee was killed by me. when I had killed it, its body was split open and I saw what appeared to be two fangs. My elder brother crushed the remains with his foot and everything was reduced to nothing. The dream ended with me watching my brother carry a Samsung TV to bring it downstairs.


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There seems to be an overarching theme of not feeling safe or like you can trust those around you, particularly at home.
Snakes have many layers of meaning. They can mean healing, consider the physician's staff. Moses raised the snake in the desert to heal snakebite. The snake is a very feminine symbol and can represent the goddess. The biting of the snake can be an initiation into transformation. The fact that the snakes were moving in circles is a sign of the Self. The circle is always the sign of the Self, or the god within. Snakes can also indicate sexuality. I think the fact that snakes have entered your dreams is very important to you. They bring an energy that you should explore. In the first dream, the snake is speaking to your shadow-self. No doubt imparting wisdom.
Bees are also a feminine symbol, maybe the feminine is not being honored enough in your life. When the feminine is not honored, it turns vicious, like having fangs.