I Need Some Opinions (The Most Compelling Dream Of My Life)


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This is a 31 year old dream that has never left me.
I would like to thank anyone in advance for sharing an opinion.

The Dream 1989
Hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte on September 21, 1989. My brother and I were one of the lucky ones that got power restored within several days. My brother Scott and his wife Meg would stay with us during the day, so they could have access to electricity. Probably about a week after the hurricane, I returned to the apartment exhausted after another grueling day at the print shop. I went upstairs to take a nap. This is the dream:
I’m standing on a small mountain, with friends. My home is on top of the mountain. It’s not a house but more like a mansion. Colors are extremely vivid in this dream. The grass is vividly green. Sky is the bluest of blue. As I said the mansion is on top of the mountain, and I look up. A rainbow is arching over the top of the house into the horizon. When I say a rainbow, I mean a huge rainbow, as wide as an interstate highway. Then we are at the back of the house, in the backyard. Naturally because it’s on the side of a mountain the yard slopes down. Same green grass. I’ll look up into the sky where the rainbow has went off into the distance. I can see the moon as it looks during the day as well as the planet Saturn. Saturn is just as clear in the sky as the moon. Then I wake up.