I never remember my dreams until tonight


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I had these storys in the dream that involved my old house, where i did things with my 'friends'. i dont remember what happened in those. except for the last one. so it started when i left out my backdoor and was going down to my dad's garage. some of these 'Friends' suggest we go a 'special path'. everybody
went except for me and one other friend. so we were walking and when we get to the garage for some reason, my friend jumps onto the low hanging roof thing. i try to do that but get sent flying into the air (im afraid of heights) while falling into a forest next to the garage, i try to grab a tree but still fall but im completley fine, no harm. so i go up near the the roof thing again to retry. but i barely get up, and im hanging on. for some reason, my friend is in a car now and im hanging onto the back. "Hit the gas!" i tell him. but he dosen't listen, he does nothing. so i fall and then go into the garage to meet my dad, who is currently in there. suddenly everything around me looks.. wet. i start sliding backwards "Help me!" i screamed to my dad, but it was like he diden't hear me. i tried to head further into the garage, it was hard due to me constantly sliding backwards. but i finally make it to the back area of the garage, the floor is covered in rocks. when i step on them, they start to roll so i
almost fall over. but i regain my balance and look towards the car lift behind me with a car on it "what if i wait until the car is in my way?" i thought. so i stood still. waiting to get stopped by the car on the lift. but the car started breaking when i touched it. i went straight through to the outside of the garage. i struggle to make it back to the house but i do. the only thing i remember of all of the other 'adventures' is when we were going up the stairs to the house. a beeping sound would happen, like a paranormal activity sensor thing. but when we enter the house, it stops and a random narrator says "But nothing was wrong" But now, none of my freinds were not here, i start to go up the stairs, sturggling because of the backwards thing. i hear the beeping again. i make it inside but the house seems.. darker. then the narrator says "But something was wrong" and a creature slightly resembling my dad jumps at me. then I wake up