I saw my own corpse


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Not to long ago I had a nightmare that still really bothers me.

I'm standing in the middle of what appears to be an abandoned cabin with a man dressed as a priest, we're standing in front of a TV that's flashing Latin words across the screen(I don't know how I knew it was Latin I just did) with screaming in the background when all of sudden demons start rising from the ground screaming "My soul belongs to death!" I then turn around to see my own corpse nailed to the wall like I was crucified. I take a closer look and the eyes shoot open and I could see they were yellow and crusty and that's when I wake up.

I know it's a very odd dream and a lot to take in but if anyone knows what it means I'd really appreciate it.


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Sometimes we have dreams that are not about us, though they may seem to be. That's because we are trying to understand something or someone that requires we stand in their shoes (=empathy). By those means we get an idea of what is happening to them.

To know the difference, we should look back a day or two to see what may have triggered the dream - something we heard, read about, or saw. It's a gift, but does not come without a cost. So you should strengthen yourself, if you want to understand others - most of it is bad, but there are bright spots.

Empathy admits of degrees. Normally its acquired, though sometimes comes natural to some persons. Underlying aspects has a different history.
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You could say that what comes from the Tv is from thought level and as you can see it appear not fully understood, and the demons raise from ground or from instincts .
Demons are made of darkness, that means their fashion of communication is made up of lies, which is darkness.They try to make you believe in their claim, so you can be turned into food for them, or the soul as long as it be trapped.
You turn and see the truth, your corps like all corpses belong to death, but a corpse is not a soul. You see nailed to the wall or nailed to death, what is of this world, what is in this world , but not of this world you see not, therefor the yellow eyes.
If your soul should be bound to death, you would have to identify all of your life to what is a subject to death.
So keep calm and peaceful in the meeting of these demonic powers, they can not do you anything, if you do not allow them..
A famous munk was very troubled with demons, he prayed for help , and the answer was " KEEP YOUR MIND IN HELL AND DON'T DESPAIR"