I was filmed and watched the tape in the dream


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I woke up scared and uncomfortable with a feeling of being watched secretly. I will write out my dream as it unraveled to me last night.

In the dream I was "in my garden" with my husband and 2 cats. Me and my husband laid a blanket on the grass right next to the house, to catch the last bits of direct sunshine as the sun was starting to set and a large shadow is being cast from our fence. We just enjoy the warmth of the sun and have our eyes closed, kind of embracing each other. As I feel that the shadow has reached my arm, I knew I could sit up and wait for my husband to also get ready to go inside the house again. To my surprise when I turned around I saw my own Handycam laying next to us, and recording us. I didn't remember if I myself had out it there or not but in positive spirit I decided to end the recording and rewind to watch it while my husband still had sunshine where he was still laying. This is when I got scared, because what I see in the recording is that someone had held the Handycam from the corner of our house, videotaping us from 10 meters away. And it wasn't what I expected to see as I played the video at all.

I rewi the video, and thought we were in danger and that I should play the video to my husband quick instead of saying anything out loud. As the video plays a second time, it starts different than the first time. This time it's someone walking down a corridor, and at the end of the corridor is a large open window with a helicopter hovering outside (right at the window, close enough for a person to jump in and out of the side of the helicopter). There is a man sitting in the open side of the helicopter, caught by surprise by the Handycam, and staring in the camera as if he didn't like to be videotaped. Then the scene changes into me and my husband in the garden again. I reqing it again, and the beginning is again different, now it's someone walking on a Terrasse around a large facility that I identify as a skii resort hotel / restaurant. I see the beautiful mountains, the view, and there is snow on the mountain tops. The terrace turns to the right, and there is a skii lift at the end of it. I don't see any people, or faces, just the lift and the beautiful mountains in the background. Then the scene changes to me and my husband laying on that blanket again in the garden, filmed by someone standing at the corner of our house. The scene is larger this time, I can see all the way to the end of our garden and my own father is suspended in a square of light. He has an expression on his face that didn't feel free or natural, it is if he was catatonic or just without emotions staring straight into the camera watching whoever was videotaping. My father was wobbling slow from left to right or right to left foot repeatedly. Nothing about his face or body movements seemed natural, that's why I say it was like he was suspended. The square of light was just that, as if someone drew a square in the dark corner of the garden (night) and if it can be called or compared to a backdrop that people use when making youtube videos it was a white and lit up wall. Nothing that exists in reality, randomly in nature.

What do you think of my dream? Am I wrong to have been startled and scared?