I wasn't getting out alive


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This dream/nightmare really managed to rattle me. From what I can remember, it was late at night and I was going to some sort of orgy party or something at this house with these people...I can't remember how I met them or what the relation was. I get there and there's only a few people there and it's clear nothing is happening anytime soon. I suddenly notice that my son (7) is there, and I need to get him out of the house because I suddenly realize this is a game and I'm going to be slaughtered/murdered by the end of the night...that I'm not leaving this situation alive. I then stand there with my son wondering if I can just tell them (whoever that is) I'm running my son home to the babysitter and I'll be right back. I sit there realizing that I can't tell my son I'm not coming home. He's completely oblivious and is just holding my hand.

I don't know what happened after that as my son (rl) woke me up. I should also note that I frequently dream of going into these buildings/houses and then suddenly knowing I won't be getting out alive.
Hello Tectonic.
Did anything like what happened in the dream, occur when you were younger?
Was there a situation that took you longer to get out of, than you expected?


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Maybe you feel like a slave to the world and sins , trapped in some form of negative thinking/actions you partake in, thinking they are okay to do by the world’s standards, but really they are a trap. Your son is like a helper to you, getting you away from these traps , but you still feel enslaved by them like you have mo choice in the matter, but you do. You can simply just not go to the party and stay with your son. I’d like to point you in the direction of Lord Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life and sets all captors free. God bless you and your son.