I woke up in 2012 and had to figure out why or I would stay there


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I (19F) I had a dream where I woke up in 2012 and had to figure out why or I would stay there… one of my friends, we'll call him Dylan (I want to maintain his privacy) who knew how to fix it.

He said that’s how we met and it was so weird. Its not how we met, we met through Discord, completely online and haven't met in real life.

In the dream, my mom died in 2046.


I can’t remember the last number. I remember when I was told my mom died I was happy but at the same time like a little sad and like felt a hole in my chest.

But like that’s one of the universes I was in. But it was also one where I wasn’t in my house. There were creatures only time travelers could see and they were hunting us

A big orange bird

This bear hamster creature (it was kinda cute till it opened its mouth) and fake humans that weren’t from that year

In 2012 I remembered exactly what the teacher was teaching so I didn’t take notes but I looked around at everyone else and some kids noticed some didn’t. The teacher was teaching English but she was my drama teacher from high school

My teacher was a time traveler as well and helped me get in contact with you and said “the reason we go back in time is to fix things for the present”

Supposedly I fixed the relationship with my father and fixed my motivation problem I had in 8th grade, I also skipped to 2013 and made more friends, then skipped to 2046 where my mom died.

I had a wife (I am bisexual) and my mother in law was there and we were picking out outfits for the funeral

There was a suitcase that had snacks and a 42 piece sushi plate in it.

There was a green couch, the room was an eggshell color

I remember my middle school building exactly

The thing is my mom didn't die, she left in 2019 and never came back. I really don't know what is going on or what any of it means. Can someone help me interpret it?