icy, play-acting being kidnapped

Last night I had this weird dream and this is one of the odder ones I have. I was in some place I believe it was a school it looks like the gym of my now non-existent elementary school. For some reason I was the age I am now in the dream, but for some reason we had to do some weird project..don't remember what it was. But for some reason.. I had to bring some um string like I used to have as child- and use it to tie my wrists up for my little drama project. But once I left the gym area- it didn't look like my elementary school, neither my elementary school, nor its replacemnt have lockers at all-but now that I think of it the lockers looked like the ones at the local high school I attended. Anyway I walked through the school in a crowd of people- and then outside looked similar to the outside of the school. But it was winter time and the sidewalk was icy.. throughout the dream after getting outside.. I was slipping and siding most of the way down the street.

I know my dreams in the past have kidnapping theme a lot of the time, but this is the only time I dreamed of play-acting of being kidnapped